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Published Sep 24, 21
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John And Johnson Talcum Powder Lawsuit

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The other $62 million was for punitive damages- $1 million for every year of the woman's life.: Very similar to the Missouri case. A woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 62. She had been using Johnson & Johnson's talc-based products for almost 40 years. She sued Johnson & Johnson and a jury awarded her $55 million.

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Do these verdicts mean the settlement value of your potential talcum powder lawsuit is between $55 million and $72 million? No, the expected settlements in even the best of cases will be much lower than that. But these verdicts underscore the obvious: these baby powder cancer claims have real value.

Johnson & Johnson To Pay $4.7bn Damages In Talc Cancer ...

Second, the fact that J&J is disclosing this set aside in its SEC filing is a very strong indication that they are planning to finalize a settlement of the talcum litigation in the next 12 months. Several scientific studies have shown that talc, the active ingredient in talcum powder products such as Baby Powder, Shower to Shower, and Talc Powder, can cause ovarian cancer in some women.

The talcum powder class action MDL lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson (and other manufacturers) are currently still ongoing. So far, over 20,000 individual talcum powder lawsuits have been filed across the country and consolidated into the Talcum Powder MDL. The latest update on settlements was in October 2020. Johnson & Johnson announced that it has agreed to pay $100 million to settle 1,000 of these cases.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Ovarian Cancer

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More bulk settlements from J&J are expected to follow. Why settle cases for a $100,000 average settlement? J&J most likely wants to settle the weaker cases and victims who need a settlement check now. Then, they hope to publicize the settlements to decrease settlement expectations in the minds of the remaining victim and their lawyers.

It is not too late to file your own talcum powder lawsuit. If you used regularly talcum powder products for one year or longer and you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer within the last three years, you may have a valid talcum powder lawsuit. Although the talcum powder litigation has been going on for a long time and some cases have already settled, it is not too late to file your own case.

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However, Johnson & Johnson recently announced that it was paying out $100,000,000 to settle a group of 1,000 cases. Again, this works out to an average of about $100,000 per case. The value of a mass tort case rarely goes down with subsequent settlements. So the likely average settlement value of the talc cancer lawsuits that remain are probably higher.

In 2018, one of the first major talc cases went to trial in St. Louis County, Missouri. The result was a disastrous $4. 7 billion verdict split between a group of 22 individual plaintiffs. The jury based its verdict on findings that J&J’s talc product contained asbestos and that asbestos caused the plaintiff’s ovarian cancer.

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It definitely helped grease the wheels for the big J&J settlement. J&J defiantly claimed that the verdict was not legally valid and vowed to fight it on appeal. Two years later in 2020, J&J scored a partial victory in this effort when it got the Missouri Supreme Court to toss out the verdicts for two out of the 22 plaintiffs.

After getting the Missouri verdict cut in half, J&J’s defense lawyers were still not satisfied and they sought to appeal the decision of the Missouri high court to the United States Supreme Court. Lawyers for J&J filed what is known as a petition for a writ of certiorari, which laid out their legal arguments and why the highest court in the country should agree to hear the case (Johnson And Johnson Lawsuit Talc).

How Does Talcum Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer

In their view, the appeal was without merit and did not merit the court’s attention. In June 2021, the Supreme Court issued an order rejecting J&J’s cert petition, which means that the $2 billion Missouri verdict will stand. As is customary when the Supreme Court declines a cert petition, no written explanation was issued.

There is are no upfront cost and no fee or cost if you do not receive compensation. You don't need a talc powder lawyer near you. This is national litigation and our law firm is handling talc powder cases for ladies with ovarian cancer all over the country. So call us.

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You are not committing to anything by calling. But you should learn about your options and make a choice. Call our lawyers at and find out if you might be eligible for a settlement check in this litigation. You can also reach us by filling out this free case evaluation form.

(This study looked at 33 malignant mesothelioma cases that only involve talcum powder exposure. The researchers medico-legally evaluated these cases and performed tissue digestions for six of them. They found that all six evaluated cases involved asbestos from talcum powder. The researchers concluded that talcum power exposure may cause mesothelioma.

Who Can File A Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit?

& Eslick, G.D - Johnson And Johnson Lawsuit Talc. "Perineal talc use and ovarian cancer." Epidemiology. 29. 1 (2018): 41-49. (This meta-analysis looked at whether genital talcum powder use was associated with ovarian cancer. The researchers found that case-control studies showed an association, but not cohort studies. However, the cohort studies showed that talcum powder use was associated with invasive serous ovarian cancer.

A lawsuit alleging that Johnson & Johnson marketed talcum-based baby powder to Black women amid concerns over the product and ovarian cancer risks was filed Tuesday on behalf of the National Council of Negro Women. Attorneys Ben Crump and Paul Napoli, who filed the suit, accused the company in a statement Tuesday of "specific marketing of talcum-based baby powder to Black women, despite links to ovarian cancers.” The case cites reports describing Johnson & Johnson’s “targeted marketing to Black women,” including a report in 2019 from Reuters that nearly half of the company’s spending on promotions for baby powder in 2008 and 2010 was "directed at overweight and minority women." “This lawsuit is about the lives of our grandmothers, our mothers, our wives, sisters and daughters – all of whom were cynically targeted by Johnson and Johnson,” Crump said in the statement.

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It is often found in mines with asbestos. The lawsuit, filed in New Jersey, seeks legal costs, “equally targeted corrective outreach to the Black community” from Johnson & Johnson and more. Johnson & Johnson denied the allegations in a statement to USA TODAY: “The idea that our company would purposefully and systematically target a community with bad intentions is unreasonable and absurd.

We firmly stand behind the safety of our product and the ways in which we communicate with our customers,” the statement continued. Johnson & Johnson announced in 2020 that it would stop selling its talc-based baby powder in the USA and Canada. Corn-based baby powder is still available, and the talc-based product continues to be sold globally.

Talc Lawsuit Statute Of Limitations

Although some of the cases were overturned, the Supreme Court declined in June to hear an appeal from the company over a multibillion-dollar decision awarded to 22 customers.

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